There’s no place like…

So my smelly little brother has washed the last of the Glastonbury filth off himself, and Andy Murray is yet again making me lose the ability to write in the afternoon, which can mean only one thing: the summer holidays are nearly here.

Only I am not really allowed a holiday this year. Not because I have been bad. But because I have spent the hundreds of pounds that would have whisked me and the menace off to the Maldives, or more realistically Minehead, on a new kitchen. Which, like, I KNOW. How grown-up am I?

And yet my heart isn’t breaking. Because the thing is, I’ve always been more of a home girl. Partly because sleeping in a bed that someone else has just departed is a bit icky unless for some reason it is in a very expensive hotel, and I don’t do camping for about a bazillion reasons. But also because I just don’t feel the need to escape; I’ve always found I can do just that in the comfort of my non-sleeping bagged home via the amazing teleporting invention that is called THE BOOK.

I have spent weeks in Paris thanks to Sarra Manning’s Nobody’s Girl, and several years in New York being guided by Anna Godberson and her addictive Luxe series.

And so these are my holiday destinations this year. Some I’ve never seen, some I’ll be staying with old friends. And if I run out of places to visit, I’m sure I can find plenty more on the shelves at Mr B’s Book Emporium.

Where will your books take you this summer?

11 thoughts on “There’s no place like…

  1. Love your post. And so true. Not got my summer reading list yet. Actually, I’m in Scotland, hadn’t realised it was summer. Must get organised. Before it totally zings past and it’s autumn reading list time. 🙂 x

    • I love in Scotland now Maggi and, yeah, you carn’t tell its Summer here. Not like England. hehe. Glad your in Scotland too. Hope i get to meet you one day. =)

      • You LOVE in Scotland. Me too! Love the typo.
        Yep, it would be great to meet you. I’ll be at the Edinburgh Book Festival on Sunday August 14th doing an event with the fab and lovely Sophia Bennett. If you’re there make sure you let me know who you are! 🙂 x
        ps today’s actually been gorgeous in Glasgow. Yay! Summer at last!

      • Did’nt meen it to be a typo but, there we go. lol

        I hope to be going to the book fest this year, i missed last years. 🙂

        i’ll be like a little kid there, even though i’m 21, i’m so in awe at proper Published Authors when i meet them. i’m like, ‘err, hi,.’

        Its been a lovely day here yes, nice and sunny. 🙂

  2. I’ll be spending some of the summer in New York as I’m writing a book set there. And the rest of the time I’ll be moving house so not much time for escaping! But I’m hoping to sneak away sometimes – who knows where I’ll end up!

  3. Oh, I’m moving house too, Tamsyn! Not far, but scary all the same. (Bites nails.) Just waiting to have it all finalised. (Bites fingers.)
    Hope to see you in Edinburgh, Laura. I know what you mean. I’m the same when I meet published authors. Weird that I am one. Oh well…
    ps it was a lovely (or should that be lively) typo! x

  4. This weekend alone I’ve been in Brightford and The Isle of Muck with Cathy Cassidy’s ‘Strike a Pose Daizy Star’ and just touching down in Mississippi with Kathryn Stockett’s “The Help’. I travel far and wide form the comfort of my bed! x

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