Authors A-J

Sophia Bennett - Sophia lives in London, where she loves visiting the shops and museums, and also the writing shed at the bottom of her garden. She has written theThreads series for girls of 9-12 who like high fashion and saving the world. Her new book, The Castle, is out in the summer of 2014. For slightly older readers, Sophia has also written The Look and You Don’t Know Me. Age Range: 9-12, Teen ♥ My Posts

Cathy Brett - Before becoming a writer Cathy had already tried out loads of other glamourous jobs. She’s quite glad that she did because now she can draw on all her exciting experiences in the theatre, the fashion business, advertising, graphic design and travelling the world as a ‘cool-hunter’, to make her illustrated books about actors, artists, rock stars, ghosts and demons totally accurate… and awesome! Age Range: 9-12, Teen ♥ My Posts

Stephanie Burgis - Steph writes funny Regency-era fantasy adventures (magic! highwaymen! romance!) and eats far too much chocolate. (*Dark* chocolate. Mmm!) In the UK, her trilogy of books is called The Unladylike Adventures of Kat Stephenson, and you can read the first three chapters of each book on her website. Age Range: 8+, 9-12 ♥ My Posts

Jo Cotterill - Jo has been an actor, composer and teacher, but she much prefers making stuff up in books. She now writes the popular Sweet Hearts series (published by Random House) for girls and romantics everywhere. Her latest book is Looking at the Stars, a standalone novel about civil war, refugees and the power of storytelling. Jo likes the soap shop Lush, eating cheese and playing with her daughters. Age Range: 9-12 My Posts

Judi Curtin -  In 2005, Judi Curtin took a break from writing books for adults to write a single book for children. Her 11th(!) book for children has just been published. She has written the Alice and Megan series, and Eva’s Journey. In her latest book, The Time Spell, a very modern young girl takes a trip back in time to the Titanic. Age Range: 9-12 ♥ My Posts

Susie DaySusie lives in a boarding school with 14 stinky teenage boys – but she writes funny/happy/sad books about girls. The Pea’s Book series is for 9-12s; it’s about three unusually-named sisters and their famous writer mum. The Twice-Lived Summer of Bluebell Jones is a book about becoming a teenager – twice. That’s time-travel for you…  Age Range: 9-12, Teen ♥ My Posts

Hilary Freeman - Hilary Freeman is an agony aunt and journalist and the author of several books for teenagers, including Loving Danny, Don’t Ask, Lifted and the Camden Town Tales series. She loves Arsenal FC and pear flavour jelly beans and she once worked as a leg model. Age Range: 9-12, Teen ♥ My Posts

Julia GoldingJulia Golding is the creator of the award winning Cat Royal series and a dozen other novels.  She writes in many different genres – historical, fantasy, thriller – but always with an adventure at the heart. Also an author for teen readers, she publishes under the names Joss Stirling and Eve Edwards – yes it is a long story how that came about! She lives in Oxford, married with three children and one very soppy dog. Age Range: 8+, 9-12, Teen ♥ My Posts

Frances Hardinge - Frances writes fantasy books that combine adventure, mystery, an odd sense of humour and bizarre imagined worlds. She lives in London, and loves travelling, scuba diving, old houses, pizza and the unexpected. Some people believe that her personality is actually stored in her black Trilby hat, and that the person-shape beneath is just needed to transport the hat from one place to another. Age Range: 9-12, Teen ♥ My Posts

Paula Harrison has always wished she could fly. She writes the fantasy series Faerie Tribes, in which an ordinary girl finds out she has magic and wings! She also writes The Rescue Princesses for younger readers, which are full of animals and adventure. Her kids once told her that she wasn’t really like a normal mum. She still hopes they meant it in a good way! Age Range: 8+, 9-12 ♥ My Posts

Lynn Huggins-Cooper – Lynn has worked in a bail hostel,  as a marine wildlife warden, as a lecturer, barmaid and teacher, but she’s happiest when making up stories. Sometimes, she even writes them down. Lynn likes making crafts, looking for frogs and newts,  and playing with her daughter and grandchildren. Age Range: 8+, 9-12  Teen ♥ My Posts

Marie-Lousie Jensen - Marie-Louise was always getting into trouble at school for reading and writing stories when she should have been doing maths or science. So she needed a job that allowed her to read lots and write stories. First she studied literature and languages so she could read books in six languages and now she writes books for teenagers. Success! Age Range: Teen ♥ My Posts